Wiki Activities (0:05)


A wiki is a collaborative tool that is used to generate web content. As such, it should be used for discussions, brainstorming, editing ideas, capturing thoughts, etc. Use of email for these purposes results in lost messages, lost content, disorganization, and ineffective use of time.

In a wiki, you have the ability to create web pages, upload pictures and videos, but you can also embed them in the pages to flow with the text content.

All users who have "Writer" authorization can edit and add pages. Please be sure to summarize your changes when you have edited the page, to make it easier to track changes. Most importantly, make sure you save your changes before exiting, unless, of course, you want to cancel the changes.

Wikis in Plain English

A short video that explains the basics of a wiki for collaborative content creation for a group.

When you have finished watching the video, simply close the new window to return to this page.

First Page

This is an example of a wiki web page.