Video: Installing MS Project

Installing Microsoft Project

We're going to start using Microsoft Project in the next module, so please install it sometime this week.  The following video demonstrates how to purchase and install Project 2019.

Project 2019 Purchase Link:

Please note:  Project Online Professional is now called Project Plan 3.  The page will look like this instead:

Microsoft Project Plan 3 Screenshot

Or you can use Project 2010 from this Microsoft-recommended vendor:

You cannot use Project 2016.  If you do, the file will get corrupted approximately 4-5 weeks into the course, and you'll have to rebuild everything from scratch using an approved version of Project.

MS Project with a Mac

Unfortunately, Microsoft Project only works on Windows computers.  If you have a Mac, you can create a virtual PC on your Mac, or you can buy an inexpensive used PC or laptop for the duration of the courses, then sell it afterwards.

If you would like to set-up Windows and Microsoft Project on your Mac, here are a few links to help:

Video explaining how to set-up a virtual computer:

You will need this software:

  1. Parallels (recommended)
  2. Windows 10
  3. Microsoft Office for Windows (even if you have Office for Mac)
  4. MS Project (see above)

The longest part of this process will be downloading the software, but the actual set-up only takes a few minutes.

Again, because each of these has a separate cost, one of the options many students choose is to purchase an inexpensive used Windows PC or laptop, which will often already be loaded with Office.  Then, you can simply install Project, use the computer for the duration of the courses, and sell it after the program for a similar price to what you paid.